The Hair Wrap

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Its a “No Braider”

Our Hair Wraps are designed to give your hair a braided look, but without doing any braiding. We make them from hand-washable synthetic leather, and beads that slide to hold the hair in place. You can order your wrap in any of nine colours and seven lengths. There are several different weaves to try – and they are all simple to do!

We make two basic versions of the Hair Wrap: the Charmed Wrap and the Jewelled Wrap. They both work the same way, but each has a distinct style.

To see how they work see our “How To” section.

The Charmed Wrap has silver-tone slider beads and interchangeable charms; you may choose from any of our sixteen charms. The charms are on a clip and can be changed easily. Have fun finding other “charms” to use, be it old drop earrings or Christmas bells.

Prices range from $20 – $38, depending on length.

The Jewelled Wrap has genuine Czech Crystal slider beads in black or clear. The beautiful iridescent crystal beads will keep their loveliness for a long time – they won’t get scuffed as a plastic bead would. And we have recently added gold or silver-tone beads as options for those wanting a less formal look.

Prices range from $10 – $28, depending on length.