How To...Ear Curls

All Ear Curls come on a card with instructions. Note that there is a left and a right. The Ear Curl has a curve that conforms to the shape of your ear. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call us!

They work like a gentle bobby pin. There is no hinge, so they must only be opened within the range of the spring. They can be tightened by pinching them together at the bottom—or loosened by carefully pulling them open a bit. Do this when they are off the ear. It only takes a very small adjustment to make a big difference in comfort and holding power. 

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How to Wear your Ear Curls

  • Put the tip of the wire into the piercing and continue until all of the back wire is through and the bottom of the ‘U’ shape (which is the pivot point) is sitting in the piercing. The Ear Curl should be hanging down at this point.
  • Turn the Ear Curl up, carefully separate the two arms, and centre them on your ear. One technique that works well is to hold the front of the Ear Curl with one hand, and, with your other hand, gently pull your lobe in between the front and back of the Ear Curl.
  • The Ear Curl is most secure and comfortable when it is centered on the lobe. They should fit snugly but comfortably. If it makes them look or fit better, they can be bent a bit to conform to the shape of your ear.
  • On the larger sizes, the back wire should be molded to fit into the crease in the back of the ear. These started out as a single straight piece of wire—a bit of fine-tuning won’t hurt them—we promise.